Drawing environment functions


void C2D_Fade (u32 color)
 Configures the fading color. More...
void C2D_SetTintMode (C2D_TintMode mode)
 Configures the formula used to calculate the tinted texture color. More...

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

void C2D_Fade ( u32  color)

Configures the fading color.

[in]color32-bit RGBA color value to be used as the fading color (0 by default)
The alpha component of the color is used as the strength of the fading color. If alpha is zero, the fading color has no effect. If it is the highest value, the rendered pixels will all have the fading color. Everything inbetween is rendered as a blend of the original pixel color and the fading color.
void C2D_SetTintMode ( C2D_TintMode  mode)

Configures the formula used to calculate the tinted texture color.

[in]modeTinting mode
Texture tinting works by linearly interpolating between the regular texture color and the tinted texture color according to the blending strength parameter. This function can be used to change how the tinted texture color is precisely calculated, refer to C2D_TintMode for a list of available tinting modes.